I provide Child Counseling to children age 4+, adolescents and teens &
Psychic Kids.  I treat children who are suffering from Anxiety.
Fears,Phobia, Stress,Trauma, ADD, Behavioral problems, Autistic
Behaviors, OCD,  Pulling Hair, Picking Skin, Self Inflicted Behaviors,
Impulse Control Disorders, DID, Fears, Phobia's, Parental issues, family
issues, eating disorders, stress, anxiety, depression, Play Therapy,Art
Therapy, Puppet Therapy, Clinical Hypnosis, age 4 -teens. Child
Psychiatrist refer Children to me for treatment on a regular basis.
I provide Counseling and Clinical Hypnosis for teens, adolescents, Psychic Kids,  who
are suffering from Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Phobia's Self Esteem, Behavioral
Issues, Agoraphobic, ADHD,Family issues, Behavioral Issues,OCD, Gender Identity
Issues, Autistic Behaviors,Eating Disorders, Sports Enhancement, etc.
I provide Internal Family Systems,IFS, DID, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,PTSD.
I provide Couples Counseling sessions for Couples whom are experiencing      
difficulties  within their marriage, suffering from Depression, Family Issues,   
Loss/Grief, Relationship Issues through traditional Couples Counseling Sessions.
I also provide Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions for couples who would like to combine
Counseling & Hypnosis in the same session, reaching the conscious mind and the
subconscious mind.                  
Connie Trunk,LPC,NCC,NBCCH     Office: (314)731-7667
                            (LGBT WELCOME)
                  COUNSELING SESSIONS
Connie Trunk,LPC,NCC
(314) 731-7667  
By Appointment      
I provide Professional Counseling Sessions to adults, couples,teenagers, children
age 4 to adults, individuals who are suffering from Stress, Anxiety, PTSD,
Depression, Bi-Polar
, DID,OCD, Picking Skin, Pulling Hair,Kleptomania,
Gambling, Addictions, Drug Addictions, Alcohol Addictions, Fears, Fear of
Flying,etc, Phobia's, Eating Disorders, Grief/Loss, Relationships, Specializing in
Women's Issues, etc.  I also provide Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts
Therapy, Inner Child work,  Re-Birthing, Clinical Hypnosis, Reiki, & Intuitive.
All Sessions are Confidential, due to respect of the client. (GLBT Welcome.)

Counseling St Louis, Counseling St Louis MO, Counseling St Charles MO, Counseling & Hypnosis   
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Depression,Anxiety,Addictions, Stress, OCD, Regression Therapy,Life Coach, Talk Therapy,
Relationships,Marital,Family, Child Therapist,Psychic Kids   (LGBT Welcome)Telephone Counseling
Connie Trunk,Counseling Office St. Louis MO Counseling St.Charles MO,Office, Online Counseling   EMAIL:

                                CONNIE TRUNK,MED,LPC,NCC,NBCCH
                                      BOARD CERTIFIED COUNSELOR
                OFFICE:  (314) 731-7667

Individual Counseling Sessions : Adults,Couples,Teens, Adolescents, & Couples Counseling.
Depression,Anxiety, Panic Attacks,Obsessive Thoughts, DID,Parts Therapy.

Clinical  Hypnosis,Clinical Hypnotherapy,Internal Family Systems (IFS) DID, Picking Skin,
OCD,Behaviors,Pulling Eyelashes, Picking Skin, Pulling Hair, Pulling Eye Brows,Fears,
Phobia's,Addictions,Relationships. Are you Addicted to someone?
Counseling Sessions: Individuals, Couples, Teens, Children